About Us

Hello there, this is FOSSguides.com brought to you by Fossman. This site is a one-man effort though I hope to get more foss-lovers and writers on board in the future. 

I discovered free and open-source software(FOSS) when I started using Linux-based operating systems some ten years ago, that was around 2013. Just like most newbies, I started my Linux journey with Ubuntu Linux, which is derived originally from Debian Linux. As a result, I focus fully on using FOSS on Linux operating systems on laptops/desktops, servers, and in the cloud.

I use this site as a platform to share my Linux and FOSS experiences as guides with other FOSS enthusiasts, mainly about:

  • the Linux operating systems and free open-source software that I use or those that I have interacted with in one way or the other,
  • tips and tricks that I have discovered along the way, and
  • share my opinions on topics that interest me.

Where necessary, I also write about premium or subscription-based services on the Internet that are related to my work.